Our partners, from farm to bottle

Our spirits are 100 percent Michigan made.

Organic. No added sugar. Derived ony from natural sugars of each unique fruit.

Hill Bros Orchards & Cider Mill located at 6159 Peach Ridge Ave NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544 supplies our distillery with non-pasteurized award-winning apple cider. We still the apple cider into smooth apple brandy aka calvados or eau de vie.


High Acres Farms, plums, Hartford

This Michigan farm supplies us with plums, both Stanleys and Castletons. We make ferment from them and still it into plum brandy, which is our signature brandy aka Slivovitz. This originates in our homeland of Moravia in Czech Republic.

Paul Rood Orchards, pears, Covert, MI

Mason Orchards, peaches, Belding

Paulson’s Pumpkin Patch, plums Belding


Graphic artist, Phoenix Design Studio

Our talented graphic artist is Denise Stain of Phoenix Design Studio based in Lowell, MI. She is the creator of our unique labels, logo, post cards and more.



We are grateful to all our partners for making our business possible.

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